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Welcome to this Warrior Cats fan-made wiki. This wiki will not include the Clans from the Warrior Cats book and will be just fan-made Clans. Before you participate in any activity, please read the rules listed below.


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IMPORTANT! Character Creation: Edit

If you want to actually roleplay with your character, please do the following steps;

  • Limit of 3 characters (unless you have contacted me the owner about 4).
  • List the skills (limit of 4) you want your character to have (can be found under Cat Info). Please tell me the "special features" about your cat. This is limited to 2.
  • If you want to be a rogue/kittypet, you'll have to contact me (the owner) and/or if you want to start as a warrior.
  • Create a name that isn't in use
  • Picture your character (like mentally designing it or on a piece of paper/paint app. Please tell me how you think your character looks like, no objects on the body unless you're a kittypet with a collar/bow).
  • Email me at about your new creation. (If you are uncomfortable using your email, read the next paragraph)

If you are uncomfortable with sharing your Gmail (say it has your name or something like that), you can always create an alternate account. To create an alternate account, go to and click the button on the right-hand top corner that says create. Please do not use your school account.

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